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Part of speech: noun
Definition*: a term used in the field of zoology to refer to movement by swinging the arms from one hold to the next as monkeys do when they swing from limb to limb across a tree
Usage example: Those in the office who were averse to walking sneered at me when I suggested they try brachiation to get around.

*source: Wiktionary


Part of speech: verb
Definition*: to free a person from misconceptions or to persuade one from insane notions
Usage example: A scene in a science-fiction story I'm not writing includes a bunch of android-like kids needing to be disabused of crazy notions that lodged themselves in their circuitry while connected to social media.

*source: Wiktionary

halcyon days

Part of speech: noun
Definition*: 1. a period of calm during the winter when storms do not occur
2. a period of calm, usually in the past and often nostalgic
Usage example: It's interesting to think that our present-day youth will consider these times as their halcyon days.

*source: Wiktionary


Part of speech: noun
Definition*: 1. a clever usually taunting remark
2. a witty or funny observation or response usually made on the spur of the moment
Usage example: Words enable quips. Quips enable laughter. Laughter enables relief. Relief enables pleasure.

*source: Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary

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